Samsung new patent smells like Nintendo and ZTE


We have already seen several prototypes in different collapsible mobile conventions, apparently the manufacturers are liking the idea of experimenting with the sector without releasing deliveries or probable launch dates, and although we are already going through the fingerprint sensors under the screen some firms have wanted to try to go further, exhibiting prototypes that from a distance, look quite delicate, this is the case of a Samsung patent that has recently registered, revealing a sketch very similar to the current Nintendo 3DS.

ZTE has not yet taken off with his Axon M

Samsung new patent

ZTE had been one of the first brands to show the technology of mobiles with folding screens, with the Axon M revealed a couple of months ago, the manufacturer demonstrated what his R & D division was capable of, launching for sale the first folding smartphone, ready for the new generation, a generation that does not seem to make much sense, since the usefulness of having a second screen, is not what most demand represents with these latest changes.

Samsung wants to merge the Axon M with the Nintendo 3DS

Samsung new patent

Samsung apparently has registered a patent quite similar to what showed ZTE with his Axon M and in turn also inherits some things from Nintendo's laptop, the 3DS, but this Samsung would be upside down. I must remind you that this record made by Samsung is only a patent, that could never see the light, and I bet a lot for it.

The sketches shown by other companies show folding terminals very similar to a wallet, which can open and display a screen configuration with a size that resembles that of a tablet, while Samsung's design focuses more on two panels such as Nintendo 3DS but inverted, giving us the convenience of handling everything with the touch screen that we will have in the back, while the front will provide the visual section.

Double screen, double battery expense at a much higher price

Samsung new patent

At first glance, we can point out that there is a hinge that joins what appear to be two terminals and turns them into one, that is open as a tablet on both sides, and closed is a traditional smartphone.

While we use a screen to play content and use applications, the other will be our means of entry to handle them. This obviously will have a multitouch screen that supports two or more fingers that can interact with the screen at the same time, as a command.

Samsung new patent

What is still unclear is whether there really is a real market for this type of device, since the battery consumption and the cost of the terminal would skyrocket, as well as many other sections that still do not make clear the existence of a possible new generation of terminals with these characteristics, but we will see.