Samsung smart speaker will arrive before next summer


One of the companies that surprisingly is not present in the smart speaker market is Samsung. But this will change next year, since it has known an information that shows an approximate date in which Samsung’s smart speaker will be announced and, in addition, the possible price it will have.

The truth is that for some time there has been talk of the arrival of a Samsung smart speaker in which, obviously, the company’s assistant will be present (now in its Bixby 2.0 version and, therefore, offers more possibilities to the time to integrate it into a product of this type). The case is that what was not known was the moment in which the Korean firm was thinking about launching the market, and so it has been known that this will happen before the summer of 2018. Therefore, it accumulates more delay compared to Google and Amazon, but not so much respect to Apple.

One of the details that have also been indicated in the source of the information is that, apart from offering a use with the voice thanks to the integrated assistant and that will allow you to create a broad ecosystem in which the combined with televisions, mobile devices and other series of appliances , is that we work so that the sound quality is the best possible. To do this, it will be used to the studies that the firm has -and that have already launched interesting products to the markets, so it is here where it seems to be differentiated from the competition.

Samsung smart speaker

Bixby essential in Samsung’s smart speaker

Well, this is something that is obvious, since to compete with the rest of the companies that are already present in the market Samsung’s smart speaker must integrate this assistant and its operation is complete and efficient. For this, it seems necessary to integrate into the device an operating system that performs the relevant actions and work. And, here, the Asian company plays with some advantage since it has Tizen, which integrates it into wearables accessories and its Smart TV, which can greatly facilitate the whole process of implementation and operation. We’ll see if you take advantage of this.

Samsung smart speaker

In what has to do with the price, as has been indicated that Samsung smart speaker will cost about $ 200. It is not an excessive cost, but it will have to evolve to offer cheaper models with Mini versions, to give an example, and in this way match what Amazon tango and Google already offer.