Vivo is ahead of the Galaxy S9: will use fingerprint reader on the screen

samsung fingerprint sensor
samsung fingerprint sensor

It’s a reality: the year 2018 will be where different terminals will begin to arrive with the fingerprint reader on the screen, and doubts about whether the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the first to offer it will be clarified (regardless that in the end, it integrates or not). We say this because the company Vivo has announced the use of this type of components in their products.

The arrival of the fingerprint reader on the screen is something that sooner or later it had to happen, because the designs of the most striking models on the market almost force this to happen (because it seeks to take advantage of the maximum front both for aesthetic reasons as for the reduction of dimensions to include larger panels). In this 2017 have already taken important steps, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the LG G6 itself, but in which is about to start things go to more due to the arrival of different solutions, such as the Not long ago we indicated Synaptics.

And, to the surprise of some, everything indicates that it will not be Samsung or Xiaomi itself that will take the step to include the component that we have syndicated in the first place. This honor will fall in Vivo, which has confirmed that it intends to include a fingerprint reader on the screen in its most powerful models in 2018. And, in addition, the first one will arrive before April. Therefore, the Chinese company will give a knock-on effect and can be one of the great attractions of the Mobile World Congress.


Fingerprint reader on the screen, better design, and usability

If the element that Synaptics has developed, which is integrated under the screen with a layer that recognizes the user’s footprint through electricity and light (even if the user’s hands are wet), the advances that Vivo can achieve are interesting. With them, you can improve your position in the market of companies that launch mobile terminals (currently occupies the fifth or sixth place, according to the date). Thus, for example, the reduction of the frames of the screen could reach and even exceed 90%, something that seems that it will not happen finally with the Samsung Galaxy S9. The case is that the designs can be spectacular.

The implementation in use is one of the issues that will have to be resolved properly. Reports indicate that Vivo models, at least the first ones that arrive with a fingerprint reader on the screen, will use a hardware button to activate the recognition. But, later, it is believed that the function called Continuous pressure will come (which is simply to keep the panel pressed to open the recognition automatically). By the way, this will be accompanied by a feature called Clear ID, which allows facial recognition, so the Chinese company aims very high in 2018.