These Samsung Galaxy S9 cases give us more details of its design


Samsung has a large terminal ready for next year, but it will not be as revolutionary as the one we saw this year. In 2017, they surprised us with the great design of the Galaxy S8, getting a mark of identity that many brands have copied in the following months. This year, they have less room for improvement so we do not expect a surprising terminal in the design section, but improve certain details.

One of the most criticized aspects of Note 8 and S8 was the placement of its fingerprint sensor. This, was in the back, just to the right of the camera, a position that was not entirely comfortable, something that has made Samsung, for this 2018, yes change the fingerprint reader to a more comfortable position, but that it will not be integrated on the screen as the rumors were pointing.

More images of the Galaxy S9 showing its spectacular design

Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

We have already seen videos and images of what the Samsung Galaxy S9 would look like, and in summary, we would see a Galaxy S8 with smaller frames, especially the lower one. The back is the most change: for the Galaxy S9, we would find a fingerprint sensor under the camera, which would be in the upper center, while in the Galaxy S9+, this camera would be double, just as we are familiar in the Galaxy Note 8.

Today we see more leaks that confirm what we have seen in recent weeks. This time, it is from the two terminals, teaching that the plus model would carry two cameras. Apart from that, we can not highlight anything more than certain details: I would still carry a button for Bixby, the 3.5 mm jack and I would continue to bet on the same color as last year, the gray orchid.

Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

There are still at least three months left to see everything about this terminal, but we already know practically all the details of Samsung’s new high-end, which will be conservative as it does not need any change. Samsung knows that last year he did a good job and he will continue it.