First images of the Sony Xperia A Edge and its screen without frames


When we still have the fresh image of the supposed Sony Xperia XZ2 all screen, a new smartphone from the Sony house appears on the network. This is the Sony Xperia A Edge, a smartphone with a screen that only has a frame at the top, the rest being a full Full View design.

What is Sony preparing for 2018? After a long time without looking at the designs of the competition and betting to establish a look and own style, with some shapes and sharp angles. But it is impossible to ignore the prevailing market trends, and the concept of Infinite Screen or Bezel-less (without frames) has long ceased to be a purely aesthetic element mounted by a few brands. Now it is practically a standard already, and as such Sony cannot ignore it any longer, especially since it is the consumer who asks for it.

First images of the Sony Xperia A Edge

With the Sony Xperia XZ1 this past summer, the Japanese brand continued in its design style, but what we are seeing from leaked images regarding its upcoming models makes it clear that this concept is over. Last week appeared the one that looks like the first photo of the Sony Xperia XZ2, the one called to be the successor of the aforementioned XZ1 and that bet clearly for a design of marked shapes but also without renouncing the curves and in which the screen only has a frame of just width for the camera, speaker and sensors.

Today, at the end of the year, the Asian website ItHome has unveiled another model of the brand that has not been officially announced, the Sony Xperia A Edge , a terminal with a different design to the XZ2 that bets on a full screen with a frame superior even more reduced than the one seen in the XZ2 case, and without side or bottom frames. We also see a Dual rear camera and a corners and screen chassis rounded although not as sharply as the Samsung Galaxy. For those who are wondering, the fingerprint reader will be housed on the side, with the power button, something that the XZ1 mounts.

4K resolution

According to the website, the Xperia A Edge will have a 6-inch OLED screen and a resolution of 4K no less, a reason for which to bet on the almost 100% front-screen design. To make it work will have a processor, which will use the full range of 2018, under operating system Android 8.0 Oreo installed. And this is the only thing that is known, apart from the fact that the rumours place their date for April 2018.

Will it be a Xperia A Edge? Will it be another model? The truth is that it is the second leak that makes one thing clear: Sony will also bet on Full View screens and also seems more spectacular than those of its rivals.