The new Huawei smartphones for 2018, models and dates


As if these last days of 2017 were not intense enough with all the companies taking advantage to introduce new models or present us as we will see from January, now we have all the new Huawei smartphones that we will see in 2018 thanks to the filtration of a calendar that has discovered us new models and wearables.

A RoadMap is something like a roadmap in which the development of a software, hardware or product with dates, approximate terms, etc. is planned. In the smartphone companies, this roadmap usually represents the different models of phones that will be launched over a year, divided into 4 quarters, or quarters that have a full year. And just today, 5 days before the start of 2018, the Huawei Roadmap for 2018 has been leaked in its entirety.

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Huawei’s new smartphones for 2018

First Quarter of 2018

On Q1 of 2018, which would take place from January 1 to March 31, we see the outputs of Huawei Mate 10 Lite and Mate 10 Pro scheduled in more markets in order to expand its global availability. But the funny thing is those three names that we do not know, and that do not belong to any current Huawei family:

– Maya 
– Salina 
– Honor 1

About them, nothing is known but they seem new entries in the catalogue of the brand. Although if they are new mid-range models or designed for a more economical range is something that remains for now in uncertainty. The funny thing is that the Honor will have up to 4 different models, each for one of the trimesters of 2018. We will have Honor 1, Honor 2, Honor 3 and Honor 4, names used in the Huawei Honor that was coming out from 2012 onwards. Will we see them renamed Honor 1 (2018) perhaps in the style of other models such as the Samsung Galaxy J and A (2018)?

Second quarter of 2018

Another busy room for the Chinese brand, as it shows the departure of three new models of the P series. Although it does not go into detail, it is expected that the mention is about the Huawei P20, the next flagship of the company that would mark a nomenclature jump, from P10 this year to P20 (did we then run out of the Huawei P11?). Certifying its intention to be the flagship of Huawei, this P20 would come out in three models, Lite, Standard and Plus, exactly like the P9 last year and the P10 this year. Will the mobile phone make the inclusion of a 3-lens camera fashionable?

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Third and Fourth Quarter of 2018

For the final leg of next year, Huawei prepares the release of new models of its Huawei Mate, a Lite version and a Pro, which added to the rest give a total of 13 new Huawei smartphones for 2018. The source of this roadmap has been Rami Hazan, CEO of Telecom Division within Electra Consumer Products, a Huawei licensed distributor in Israel, who has revealed the roadmap during the launch of Huawei Mate 10 in Israel, and in fact, He has mentioned the name of the Huawei P20.

Of course, all this is not official or direct from Huawei itself, although given that it comes from a collaborator licensed by the brand, it makes us think about the veracity of that planning.