The Nokia 7 could leave China to the rest of the world in January 2018


Released only for the Chinese market, it seems that the Nokia 7 has options to leave the country and have a global release for next January, which will arrive in just 5 days. Will we see the mid-range Android terminal is presented next to the Nokia 9, the next flagship of the company HMD Global?

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Willing to return and make a hole in the market that once domed at pleasure, Nokia has had a very busy 2017 with the release of its first Android models. And just last October, HMD Global, the company that owns the brand, announced the departure of Nokia 7, a mid-range that came to fill the gap between the Nokia 8 and Nokia 6 models. But also a smartphone designed and premiered exclusively for the Chinese market, which has not been released so far but may do sooner rather than later.

Nokia 7



From China to the rest of the world in 2018

The latest rumours of the sector in China suggest that the smartphone will soon leave its Asian exclusivity and will have a world premiere, exactly like the Nokia 6, a terminal that was launched exclusively for China and then has known an exit global. In this way, the recently discovered TA-1041 model is the one that sources point to as the Nokia 7 international that we will see in stores around the world. In fact in the rumoured event scheduled for January 19, which is expected to see the Nokia 9- flagship brand for 2018, we could see the Nokia 7 presented officially.

Such an event still has no official confirmation from HMD Global, so everything is still in the air. And we must bear in mind that the rumoured Nokia 8 (2018), the revision for next year of the current top of the range in this year of Nokia is also in the foreground. Anyway, the, with 1.5 million reservations made before the terminal went on sale almost 3 months ago. And in fact, when it came to be put on sale it sold out instantly on its first flash sale.

Nokia 7

A medium range at a good price

Featuring high-end details such as a design that implements a glass back, fingerprint reader and a single- lens camera from the Carl Zeiss brand, the Nokia 7 has a 5.2-inch LCD flat screen and Full HD resolution. Inside, it assembles a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor with 8 cores along with an internal space of 64GB expandable by microSD card. The RAM that we track about the market to which Nokia wanted to go, since the Nokia 7 came out in a configuration with 4GB of RAM and another of 6GB of RAM, given what the Chinese market loves terminals with lots of RAM.

With a rear camera of 16 Megapixels with aperture f / 1.8, and front of a measured 5MP, like the Nokia 8, the Nokia 7 comes with the technology ‘Dual-sight’ of the company, which allows the user to take photos and videos using both cameras at the same time. The terminal’s battery is 3,000 mAh, comes with fast charging and the operating system is Android 7.0 Nougat. At the time of its release, the model with 4GB of RAM had a price at the exchange of $381, and the 6GB of ~$411.