Samsung will increase the battery of the Galaxy S9 with the same technique as Apple in the iPhone X


We have heard several times that the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be higher than that of the S8, all without increasing neither the size nor the thickness of the case. How will it be possible? The start of production of the smartphone has just revealed that the company will choose to include it within one printed circuit board SLP type, it includes Apple’s, iPhone X. We explain what are the advantages.

The miniaturization of the components has been a challenge for the electronics industry, and more specifically for the segment of smartphones. In the case of processors, they have become more efficient, powerful and with greater heat dissipation power. The cameras increase the size of the sensor and improve its qualities.

Galaxy S9

However, the density of the batteries has not improved in the same proportion. Faced with this situation, manufacturers have had to resort to technologies that allow adding batteries of greater capacity, occupying the space of other components that have been able to be miniaturized.

The motherboard of Samsung Galaxy S9, the key

That is the case of Samsung Galaxy S9, which will follow the same example as iPhone X. This is indicated by the Taiwanese medium ETNews, which advances that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will enter the production line in a matter of just over a week.

Galaxy S9

That means that Samsung already has all the necessary components for its assembly, as well as refined techniques for its manufacture. In fact, that is precisely the reason why we know that the internal motherboard of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a novelty already seen in Apple’s iPhone X. We refer to the more compact PCB that allows Cupertino to include two L-shaped batteries and increase their capacity.

SLP more compact, more battery for the Galaxy S9

As it has transpired, Samsung will choose to make way for a printed circuit board more advanced than the known PCB. It is a layer of SLP substrate that increases the density of the layers that compose it and allows to include all circuits and chips in a smaller space.

Galaxy S9

In this way, Samsung will include inside the Galaxy S9 a more compact plate that will allow accommodating a larger capacity battery instead.

This is how the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery is expected to increase its capacity to 3,200 mAh despite not changing the size of the case. Therefore, all the suspicions and rumours accumulated until today that indicated that the Galaxy S9 battery would be L-shaped in order to make the most of the internal space of the equipment are confirmed.