Alcatel 3C with 18:9 screen and 120 euros: mobile phones ‘without bezels’ reach the low range


Xiaomi and Samsung triggered the interest of the general public for frameless smartphones, a design feature boosted by the introduction of ultra-panoramic screens. Little by little, the 18: 9 screens have been democratized to such an extent that they are a constant in the mid-range. Alcatel seems to go further since it will place a six-inch screen 18: 9 on the Alcatel 3C, a model that will be priced at 120 euros.

The stamp and at the same time the functionality offered by 18: 9 screens have been enough incentives to dazzle users. As a result, manufacturers now include this type of panels in virtually all their new high-end and mid-range models. In fact, the predictions spoke of the standardization of ultra-panoramic screens in the mid-range. However, Alcatel arrives strong and, according to the latest leak, will put an 18: 9 display of no less than six inches on a 120-euro phone, typical cost of a smartphone's entry-level.

The 18: 9 screen is democratized, even more

The leak perpetrated exclusively by the Winfuture portal is strengthened by the recent publications of Evan Blass, which showed the name of the six devices that Alcatel was supposed to present in 2018.

So, the German media lets see on this occasion one of those six teams, which would correspond to the Alcatel 3C. The truth is that the model can be placed as a very strategic team for the firm since its great virtue would not only be in the price but in turn would reside in the type of screen.

Yes, as you can imagine, the great virtue of this Alcatel 3C would be the introduction of a six-inch 18: 9 screen in a smartphone range of access since it would stipulate its price, 120 euros in Europe, such and as the source says.

Alcatel 3C

Features of the Alcatel 3C

The information that arrives from Germany is even more complete since the filtration echoes a complete technical sheet with the characteristics of the Alcatel 3C. Namely, as it appears in the image, it would have the aforementioned 18: 9 display and six inches with HD + resolution of 1,440 x 720 pixels. In this sense, the ratio of the screen would be 76.14%.

As far as cameras are concerned, the Alcatel 3C would have an eight-megapixel sensor on the back and a five-megapixel sensor for the front camera.

Alcatel 3C

Other technical details such as internal memory and RAM, 16 GB and 1 GB respectively, do show that we are facing a model of access range. However, the manufacturer seems to include a slot for micro SD cards.

Other filtered specifications correspond to the 4G connectivity -Dual SIM-, WiFi n, Bluetooth 4.2, Quad Core processor and 3,000 mAh battery, all praised with Android Nougat.

It is unknown when we can officially know this Alcatel 3C, although the proximity of the CES of Las Vegas could give us clues that the manufacturer of French origin could announce the new range of their smartphones in the coming days.