First details on the launch of the Nokia 10


We have been waiting for weeks for the news about the launch of the Nokia 9, the next flagship of the Nordic signature that will happen at the top of the range to the current Nokia 8. But a known information yesterday has completely changed the future of the range Nokia high. We know the first details about the launch of the Nokia 10.

Yesterday we knew an interesting information that pointed to a list of phones that would have the Snapdragon 845 processor during 2018, and to everyone’s surprise, in that list appeared an unpublished mobile, as is the Nokia 10, which has left many misplaced.

Possible date for the launch of the Nokia 10

As we said, until now we had in mind as the company’s future flagship to the Nokia 9, the terminal that has been filtering for months, and which is expected a presentation for the month of January, even in February within the MWC 2018 with Oreo gapps. And it seems that it will be, but as we have known today, it seems that the supremacy of this model in the range of Nokia will only last a few months, until the arrival of the Nokia 10 to the range of the Nordic signature, of which we have met today details

Nokia 10

According to this new information, the Nokia 10 would be launched in the third quarter of 2018, which means that it would become official between July and September, probably at the end of the summer, which is when Samsung, Apple, Huawei or Xiaomi launch its flagships of the second half of the year. Regarding the characteristics of this Nokia 10 little is known, beyond that, it has the Snapdragon 845 processor, as shown on the list yesterday. On the other hand, it is speculated that it opens a screen that occupies a large part of the front.

Nokia 10

Something that Nokia 9 could already do, so its true differentiating features would have to do with a screen without borders, even curved, and with the integration of the fingerprint reader under the screen, like the one presented a few weeks ago by Synaptics, and that could appear in some phones of the second half of 2018 as a great alternative to facial or similar identification systems. In any case, it is too early to be able to have accurate information of the Nokia 10, although of course, it will be one of the main sources of leaks from here to be presented well into 2018.