New images of the Xiaomi Mi7 shows its front all screen


After the arrival three months ago of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, all eyes have focused on the future Xiaomi Mi7, the next flagship of the Asian firm that will be the last of its large phones to have one of the most outstanding features of 2017. Now new leaked images of the Xiaomi Mi7 shows a full-screen front.

At the beginning of this month of December, we learned new data about the possible date of presentation not only of the Xiaomi Mi7 but also of the Xiaomi Mi7 Plus, along with some of its first filtered features.

More images of the Xiaomi Mi7 confirm its design

Undoubtedly all screen phones have been the main trend of this 2017, initiated by the Xiaomi Mi Mix at the end of 2016, the Xiaomi Mi7 will be the last great model of the firm to adopt this design, which we have ever seen in the Xiaomi Redmi 5 of the entry range released a few weeks ago. Well, everything points to a design of this type if we take into account the images that have been leaked today, which show the new flagship of the firm with a screen with very small edges at all ends.

Xiaomi Mi7

It is striking that in these images you can not only see this particular image of the front of the Xiaomi Mi7 from different perspectives, even from the back of the terminal. Stopping first on the front, we can see how the screen has a very similar shape to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 but inverted. This means that there are no lateral edges and neither in the lower part of the front, while in the upper part it is thicker to house the camera, so the effect that the screen makes is very attractive.

Xiaomi Mi7

In the back, although it can be seen in a somewhat dark, we can see a dual camera in the upper left, with two lenses separated from each other and do not share glass. It seems to be the same design of the Xiaomi Mi6 dual camera that we saw coming up last February.

Xiaomi Mi7

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi7 is expected to be 5.65 inches with aspect ratio of 18: 9, and still have the same size as if it were 5.2 traditional. Of course the most powerful 2018 processor is also expected, the Snapdragon 845 as another of the great novelties of this Xiaomi Mi7.