The most anticipated phones of 2018


We have just abandoned one of the best years we remember for the telephony sector. Throughout 2017 we have witnessed great revolutions in the mobile market, with new brands such as Nokia - despite not being entirely "new" -, Razer and Essential, the establishment of companies such as OnePlus and Xiaomi or the enormous competitiveness in highest in the ranking, where Huawei and Samsung fight with more force than ever.

And that's not to mention everything that smartphones have left us in these last 365 days: screens without frames even in affordable devices, increasingly advanced double cameras, and processors accompanied by artificial intelligence that honor the smart suffix of the smartphones. And above all, the phones whose price crosses the four-digit barrier.

But we have to look ahead and see what the next 12 months will bring us in terms of new releases and surprises. Today, January 1, we take the opportunity to collect 8 of the most anticipated smartphones that we will see throughout 2018.

The 8 most anticipated smartphones of 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9

phones of 2018

As every year, Samsung returns to star in all the headlines with its new commitment to the high range. The Galaxy S9 will be among the first to break into the market in 2018, and is that its launch is scheduled for next March. Even so, this Korean duo has been one of the most anticipated for several months.

Today we already have a pretty clear idea of what we will see in the Galaxy Unpacked 2018, where the Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be announced to the world, with a design similar to that of the current generation, improved specifications and the arrival of a system dual photographic ... to the Plus model, yes.

Xiaomi Mi 7

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No, we have not forgotten China. The successor of the current Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the great expected of 2018, after it managed to position itself as one of the best options in terms of value for money, entering to compete fully with the best high-end of the year.

However, the Mi 6 has hardly had relevance during the second half of the year 2017, since its design could not compete with the phones that have been added to the new fashions of the frames without frames.

And that is, precisely, the reason why we look forward to the new Mi 7: it is unknown if Xiaomi will decide to adopt an appearance similar to that of Mi Mix, or that of the new Redmi 5 and 5 Plus. Anyway, everything points to finally enjoy a phone series "My" with a design according to the times.

Huawei P20

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And without leaving China, we ran into other giants of the industry, Huawei, which this year could change something more than the name of its flagship for the first half. The one that, in the beginning, was known as Huawei P11, could land in the market as Huawei P20, and according to the first clues, it would be focused on offering an unusual photographic experience, thanks to the main system formed by three signed sensors for Leica.

So far not know too much about Huawei's new phone, although it is very likely that its design receives a facelift with respect to the previous generations, thus following the new trend that debuted with Mate 10. Hopefully, yes, that the rumors are not fulfilled and the P20 does not copy one of the differential characteristics of the iPhone X: the "notch".

New Sony Xperia

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After several years of losses and bad news, 2018 could be the year of Sony, in which the brand is once again the brand that once covered with the main representatives of Android.

The Japanese will finally abandon the OmniBalance design lines that debuted in 2013 with the Xperia Z, to give way to a more modern look where the screen frames will not fit. This, added to a repertoire of specifications of the most complete, and the great support at the level of software that Sony usually offers, encourages us to wait with optimism the arrival of the new high-end Xperia.

Google Pixel 3

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Although their beginnings have not been free of controversy, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL from Google have managed to become two of the best phones of 2017 for many reasons. The most important is that they are the phones that every Android lover should have, and this second generation of Pixel has made it clear that Google has reached the market to stay.

However, Google could take an important step forward in 2018 with its smartphone family. The reason? The great G already has in its ranks several experts in the development of processors , and taking into account that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL already include a chip designed by Google, it would not be unreasonable to think that the Pixel 3 could be the first phones made by Google, with a processor made by Google . In this way, those of Mountain View would have total control over the hardware of their devices, in the same way, that they already have it in the software.


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After a disappointing LG G6, which aimed to sneak into the top of the 2017 market with a 2016 processor, the South Korean firm aims to redeem itself from its mistakes with the new G7, which will look more like the V30 than the G6 itself.

The LG G7, in addition, to continue perfecting the design lines introduced by its predecessor, will be the first phone with LG iris scanner, and will have a technical section worthy of the high range of this new year. All that remains is for the firm to completely renew the appearance of its software, and the G7 could well become one of the best 2018 phones.

Nokia 9

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The rumors about the Nokia 9 began as soon as the Finnish marked its return to the telephone market. Since then, we have been gathering information about what promises to be one of the greats of 2018.

The Nokia 9 would be the first phone of the company under the shelter of HMD Global to adopt the latest telephone trends, with a curved screen with hardly any frames of 18: 9 format, aluminum, and glass construction and a photographic section formed by two or by three, but by four different cameras, In addition, one of its great attractions would reside in the price, considerably lower than that of its rivals in the high range. The launch of this terminal is expected for January 19, in just a couple of weeks.

Essential Phone 2

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It may be a mere curiosity, but I do not lie if I say that many of us are keen to see what Andy Rubin surprises us within 2018, after the first year of his startup's life, Essential, has not been all that good.

The firm has already made clear its intentions to continue the Essential series with new phones, and taking into account everything the company has learned in this first year, it is expected that the second generation of smartphones by Andy Rubin is much more balanced and attractive in all aspects.

And you, what is the phone that you are most looking forward to this 2018?