Exynos 9810: features of the Galaxy S9 processor detailed


We have already seen many rumors in recent months about how the new Samsung Galaxy S9 would be, and today, finally, we have official information from him, given that they have given us all the details and features of their processor, the Exynos 9810.

Samsung, for many years now, has been betting on its own processors in the vast majority of markets. In a very short time, they have managed to put up with one of the longest-lived manufacturers in this market, as is Qualcomm, and in some cases, has even managed to overcome. This year, it seems that Qualcomm and Exynos take different paths and will already have to differentiate one from the other.

We say this due to the fact that Samsung and Qualcomm collaborated last year to manufacture the Snapdragon 835, and that the Exynos processor of the Galaxy S8 was simply a processor almost the same, with almost the same performance, same speed, and energy expenditure. In this generation, they will differentiate themselves more by starting to use different architecture technologies.

Features of the Exynos 9810, which would be seen at CES in Las Vegas

This new Exynos processor will have eight cores, of which, four of them will be to increase energy efficiency, and the other four cores, focused on performance, which would have a clock speed of 2.9 GHz. Cores improve the processor system, and according to Samsung, each core doubles the performance of a core last year.

Exynos 9810

And this new Exynos processor is not going to be behind others in the section of artificial intelligence since it comes with a learning chip or machine learning thanks to neural networks that would significantly improve the user experience, something similar to what that we see in the Huawei Mate 10 NPU.

Other details to comment is that this processor will include LTE Cat 18, which will allow us to reach download speeds never seen on another smartphone, such as 200 Mbps upload or 1.2 Gbps download. It will have a new codec that will allow us to improve the camera in a remarkable way, focusing on image stabilization, focus, and other aspects.

This is all we know about the new processor Exynos, and that, although not confirmed by Samsung on its official website, will be responsible for giving life to the new Galaxy S9 and surely Note 9, for the international market, since For the American, he probably uses the Qualcomm processor, as he has done almost every year.