A flexible and pressure sensitive screen, Samsung Galaxy X Patent


Samsung does not rest in the race for innovation, and if the future of smartphones is flexible screens and folding phones there will be the Korean giant to show its potential among the first manufacturers to disembark seriously. We are not talking obviously about ZTE Axon M, but about those LG and/or Galaxy X that are expected for the second half of this year.

In fact, relative to the Samsung Galaxy X we have more news and very interesting today and is that as published this afternoon MobielKopen the Korean giant has registered a patent about a flexible screen and sensitive to pressure no less, that is already Specula could be on the first Samsung folding phone.

This patent can be consulted in its entirety on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization -WIPO, by its acronym in English-, and as you will see it is an implementation similar to that made by Apple in its latest iPhone with its 3D technology Touch, or the Force Touch functionality explored by Huawei with its Mate S.

Samsung Galaxy X Patent

Obviously the Galaxy X would not be the first Android smartphone to incorporate a sensitive screen pressure, but it could be the first serious approach to this technology on the Android platform, and also made by a smartphone that aims to break the current paradigm of the smartphone.

Improving user-smartphone interaction with a flexible and sensitive panel

Very few models have tried to emulate Apple and its 3D Touch technology to date, and that is that the functionality of a pressure sensitive panel is still to be explored in Android and certainly not found many advantages.

In fact, to give a palpable example, Google itself presented the Launcher Shortcuts with Android Oreo allowing menus to expand on the icons, but this functionality does not really require a panel that detects the pressure and can be used with any Android phone by pressing and holding the icon. The own Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL do not have this technology.

Samsung Galaxy X Patent

We will see what Samsung is looking for with a panel that should be flexible, implemented in a smartphone that can be folded, and also expand the interaction with sensitivity to pressure by the user. To imagine possibilities is simple, to carry them out in a functional way is something else, so it will be time to experiment.

What is clear is that without risk in the fight there is no glory in the victory, and without firms that take risks there would be no innovation or did LG know that the modular systems of the G5 would not work quite well in the market? Or Google and his glasses Glass? What if Samsung had not rescued the stylus with its successful range Note?