The release date of the new LG G7 could be the end of April


We still have a rumor that LG may change its name to its next high-end when we learned about the possible date of departure of the LG G7, the new flagship of the Korean company for the start of this 2018. End of April will in the calendar because according to Korean media it will be the premier moment.

After an LG G5 that went too far ahead of its time – it is not yet time for modular smartphones – the Korean brand hit the right back to mobile classicism with its LG G6 last year. A terminal that also gave itself the luxury of innovating in a widely used element today: the 18: 9 screen ratio, which turns the phone’s display into two independent 4: 3 squares so that application developers can take advantage of them. But we are in a new year, and that means reloading and renewing the catalog with the next high-end, the expected LG G7.

Release date of the new LG G7

The usual thing every year is to see LG’s new G model presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in mid-February, for a premiere the following month. But according to the Korean media TheInvestor, this year LG could have changed its plans, which would go by skipping the presentation of the MWC and show the phone a month later in a private event: ” LG not to present the G7 at the MWC. The phone could be announced in mid-March just before its official launchsays one of the sources pointed out by the Korean newspaper, a member of a local Telecommunications company.

The first flagship of the company that comes out under the direction of Hwang Jeong-hwan, the new head of LG’s mobile division who came into office last month, the LG G7 would then have a new departure date for the month of April, one month later than the G6 in 2017, so the production of the terminal would start in March. This information has been given by “a chief officer of one of the three most important telecommunications operators in the nation”, although he preferred to remain anonymous for obvious reasons and it is not known whether he belongs to SK Telecom, KT or LG Uplus.

LG G7 or new name?

The unofficial data speak of a G7 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, something that we could already see in the filtered list of all high-end smartphones that would mount the new Qualcomm chipset. The terminal would be aimed at the current screen design without frames and with an OLED panel like the LG V30, as well as a Dual camera and iris recognition sensor.

But perhaps the most curious is the one that came to us last week, just before the end of the year, and in which he argued that LG would be thinking about renaming his G series, so the LG G7 could be or the last phone with the G in your denomination, or be renamed at the last moment.