The Nokia 8 camera disappoints after passing through the DxOMark lab


The Nokia 8 was presented in August of last year as the most distinguished model of the new Nokia. A true top of the range to fight in the premium segment. However, the performance of the camera Nokia 8 seems to move away from the first positions, which should move with their most direct rivals. At least this is determined by the characteristic test carried out by the DxOMark photographers. The truth is that the score achieved by the smartphone is low, only 68 points.

There are no absolute references, but the tests and tests carried out by DxOMark’s professional photographers have become over time one of the most outstanding references in terms of checking the quality of the camera of current smartphones. For that precise reason, the score awarded by DxOMark usually generates great repercussion in the sector. In fact, some manufacturers have worked with the company before releasing their smartphones to the market. In the case of the Nokia 8 camera, the results do not seem very optimistic.

The Nokia 8 camera, under review

Despite having been on the market for a few months, it was now when the DxOMark guys decided it was time to put the Nokia 8 camera to the test. And what was the result? The truth is that the assigned score offers us a great track to start. And what was that score? Neither more nor less than 68 points. In a comparative way, we must take other references to correctly interpret the score set by the DxOMark photographers.

Nokia 8 camera

As shown by the ranking, the camera of the Nokia 8 is far from the head, where Google Pixel 2 has left patent the quality of the photos it captures with its 98 points. Up close, the iPhone X lurks with 97 points, followed by the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 94 points.

Lights and shadows, with more shadows than lights

And what do the Nokia 8 camera tests say? As you can extract from the DxOMark test, the dual camera of Nokia 8 with RGB and 13-megapixel monochrome sensors – in addition to Carl Zeiss optics – achieves a good white balance in all types of lighting conditions. It also highlights the somewhat dynamic range with the active HDR filter, as well as the result of the portrait mode.

Nokia 8 camera

In contrast, the camera of the Nokia 8 lets you see in virtually any situation, even in environments with good brightness, lack of sharpness and low level of detail in the textures. Another negative point, very negative, is the high level of noise, again even in moments when the light favors the capture of high-quality photos.

In the section of the video recording, the results seem to get worse. Despite the 4K recording and the fidelity of the color in exteriors as well as interiors, as well as adequate exposure levels, inefficient image stabilization, faults and slow autofocus in dark environments, as well as a low dynamic range and levels of detail end up killing the Nokia 8 camera.

Source> DxOMark