The screen of the Huawei P20 would be even longer than the Galaxy S8


Huawei aims this year to have the best mobile phone of the year, and does not want to wait for the second half of the year for Mate 20, but wants in this MWC Barcelona to compete with everyone with the Huawei P20.

Last year, Huawei launched the P10, and although it was one of the best terminals of the year in terms of value for money if it is true that it lagged behind the competition due to having a slightly older design, with Mate 10 they changed that dynamic.

Now that they have finally accepted the new screen format that makes the terminals really limited frames, surely we will see almost all its range of catalogs in 2018 with a format different from the traditional 16: 9, but perhaps, we also see something different from 18: 9.

Neither 18: 9 as the Pixel, nor 18.5: 9 as the Samsung Galaxy S8

Huawei already knows that if you do not take out a mobile screen all will have many problems to compete with all other manufacturers, so it will continue the line of high-end and its new Huawei P20 will have a few frames really reduced, but will have a different format to what we have seen normally.

Huawei P20

According to the benchmark in which this new Huawei mobile phone has been leaked, we can see that it will have a format never seen before: 18: 7: 9. This is a more elongated format than the conventional one we have seen on mobile phones such as the LG V30 or OnePlus 5t, and even more elongated than the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, which have 18.5: 9. 

But it is not longer than the iPhone X, which has a 5.8-inch screen and is the most elongated terminal in the entire sector. From this benchmark, we can also make it clear that it will come out of series with EMUI 8, something that would be logical seeing that Mate 10 did it too.

Note: the format that appears in the screenshot is 360 × 748, due to the fact that in this benchmark, the resolution of the terminal is always shown divided by three, therefore this resolution is so small.

This Huawei P20 will go on sale at the MWC of Barcelona, probably the first day of the fair as the signature has always done every year. We hope to see a new processor focused on Artificial Intelligence, and three cameras for the Plus model to reinvent the photograph.