Samsung Galaxy X would have a flexible polymer OLED screen

Samsung Galaxy X

It seems that some privileged have been able to see something more than what was exposed to the public during CES 2018 this week in Las Vegas. We have been seeing more and more rumors about the Samsung Galaxy X, the first of the flexible mobile phones for the market. The same that Samsung has taught together with others at the fair behind closed doors with its flexible polymer OLED screen.

At the CES in Las Vegas, the first major event of the year in terms of Electronics held this week is often seen everything, because the presentations of products and devices already established are added to other novelties that aspire to become a benchmark or at least to get the interest of some company. We have seen smart toasters, wine shelves connected to the mobile phone, and yesterday nothing was seen because there was an ironic 2-hour blackout – due to the rains – that left a pavilion at the world’s biggest electronics fair without light. And it is that everything is possible in Las Vegas, even that the CES was running out of power.

Samsung Galaxy X

The Samsung Galaxy X at CES

Last Tuesday, already in the heat of CES 2018, the Korean medium ET News published a news on the Samsung Galaxy X, the first flexible mobile that will arrive at the market. Pulling internal sources within Samsung itself, ET News claimed that the terminal will use a folding AMOLED screen of 7.3 inches once deployed, reducing its size to that of a conventional Galaxy when it closed. A mobile phone while it is closed, a tablet when it is open. In fact, we even saw what would be the production roadmap for the Galaxy X, which would go into production at the end of the year with a premiere for the beginning of 2019.

Today, three days later, the same media publishes another story about the Samsung folding terminal. The company apparently showed the first flexible prototype of the flexible smartphone behind closed doors during the Mobile World Congress last year, and this week it would have carried out another presentation away from the general public at CES to show the new prototype, without press in between and choosing different types of customers to see the potential response of potential buyers.

Samsung Galaxy X

OLED polymer

How has this transcended? Because one of the exhibitors of the CES invited to the private presentation has told ET News the same data that we already knew about the Samsung source: that the Galaxy X screen will be 7.3 inches, but not AMOLED but OLED. The novelty is that the Korean brand has supposedly taught several models, not just one. The mobile that closes inward – like a wallet – has a curvature of 1R, while another terminal that opens outwards has a curvature of 5R, which suggests that both mobiles can be folded like paper.

According to a previous rumor, Samsung has discarded the glass and the screens of these terminals will be OLED made of a flexible polymer. And their intentions are to create expectations and prepare a launch by the end of this year or the beginning of 2019. Will we see it? Or will the flexible technology be made to pray more than the screen reader under the screen and we will be waiting for the Galaxy X for more than two years?