The best Microsoft applications for Android that you can find on Google Play


If you’ve already decided to abandon Windows Phone due to its uncertain future you may have chosen Android as the new stop on your journey through the world of smartphones. However, even with a phone equipped with Google’s mobile operating system, you can feel at home.

And, for some years now, Microsoft intends to make Google’s mobile platform better based on its own applications and services. Today, there is a good number of apps created by Redmond that can be found on Google Play, and today we will select some of the best.

The best Microsoft apps for Android

Office Suite

Microsoft applications for Android

Maybe it’s the first thing you install on your new Android if you come from Windows Phone. The Office suite of office leads among Android users a time, and the truth is that today only their counterparts created by Google are up to the task. Still, if you’re from the old school, and you work better with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you’re only a click away from being happy again.

Google Play | Microsoft Word

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft applications for Android

Although it could well be included in the collection of apps mentioned above, Microsoft’s OneNote requires a part mention. After Evernote announced its payment plan, the Microsoft notes platform has become the preferred alternative for users, and is even more advisable if you consider its multiplatform philosophy, through which you can enjoy your notes in any device.

Google Play | Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft applications for Android

It does not matter if you use Gmail or iCloud. The email manager of Microsoft has support for the main e-mail providers, in an application with a careful design and all the features that we could expect from an e-mail client such as Outlook.

Google Play | Microsoft Outlook

Office Lens

Microsoft applications for Android

Office Lens is perhaps the simplest and most useful tool that Microsoft makes available to users. It is used to scan documents with the phone’s camera and convert them to PDF, Word, PowerPoint or images. Thanks to its synchronization with OneDrive, it is possible to synchronize scanned documents between all devices.

Google Play | Office Lens

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft applications for Android

At the end of last 2017, Microsoft Launcher celebrated the ten million downloads reached on Google Play, with an update that improved some of the key points of this interesting application launcher. While it is true that at the level of personalization is not to shoot rockets, it may be that the synchronization with your Microsoft account, becomes the key feature that encourages you to try this application.

Google Play | Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft applications for Android

The last Microsoft app to land on Google’s mobile platform has been Edge, the famous browser that was once presented as the application that would take the witness of Internet Explorer. The Android version has a clear and clean design, the functions that can be expected from any browser, and an interesting addition, such as the possibility of retaking the web page that we had open on the mobile, directly on the computer.

Google Play | Microsoft Edge

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft applications for Android

And we closed this compilation with what is, in my opinion, the Microsoft application for Android with the best design of today. Microsoft To-Do is an app of reminders and tasks that we already talked about at the time, and that is integrated with the Office 365 ecosystem to see the tasks to do on any device. In addition, the application is ahead of your plans, suggesting reminders that may be used throughout the day.