The design of the HTC U12 is revealed in several images


The firm HTC has been walking in the desert for three years now since HTC One M9 things have not stopped going badly to one of the most popular companies in the world. Now the firm hopes to turn the situation around with a new design of the HTC U12, which we have seen in several images via Amazon Japan listing.

HTC U12 leaked
HTC U12 leaked

The first week of the year we knew the first details of the HTC U12, and after knowing them finally equaled those of a real flagship in 2018, not only to incorporate the Snapdragon 845 processor but above all to adopt a screen related to 18: 9 aspect and much thinner edges.

Filtered the design of the HTC U12 in several renderings

Undoubtedly is something that has been sued HTC for the past few months, the design of its flagship really adapts to what other manufacturers have been offering a year, which is nothing more than a screen that occupies almost all the frontal with an aspect ratio of 18: 9. Something that we have already seen even in mid-range and incoming phones. Well, the images we have seen today confirm this aspect of the design of the future HTC U12.

As is logical, these images must be given moderate credibility. These have been leaked on the Japanese website of Amazon, where a manufacturer of covers has published these images on one of its products for the HTC U12. Two aspects of the design of the HTC U12 attract attention, the large screen that occupies much of the front, although it has somewhat thick edges at the top and bottom. And also surprising is the inclusion of a fingerprint reader in the lower part, an element that with the arrival of these screens has usually been banished to the back, but in this case, would be kept ahead.

Also attract two aspects, such as the inclusion of a dual camera, which we have not seen so far in the previous models of the brand, something that has not prevented it from being considered the best on the market. The other is an extremely thin design, as can be seen in the images, and it would be only 6 millimeters. In any case one of the images is completely contrary to this aspect of his profile, so we say that these images should be taken with great caution. Of course turning the look of the flagship of HTC in this, we would be before a great change to better in the high range of HTC.