More images of the Moto G6 Plus, this time real


It was strange that in just a few months of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we had seen so little news about the new Moto G. This was solved with the massive filtration that we lived this week, and now we have more images of the new ones. Moto G6, but this time they are not renders, but real images.

Motorola aims to continue reigning in the mid-range this year. Although it is true that in recent years has lost importance because now there are many more brands that bet on this market, coupled with the Chinese manufacturers are coming with prices that cannot compete, we see that the Moto G of each Year is always one of the most recommended mobile.

And now, Motorola knows that it needs to give yet another turn to its design, even bigger than the change from the Moto G4 to the Moto G5, betting first time for premium materials in a somewhat shortened price range, so this year, we will see screens with format 18: 9, mobiles without frames, more expensive materials and photographic sections more valuable.

The Moto G6 Plus, with 18: 9 format and rear fingerprint sensor

Moto G6 PlusWe have already begun to see the first images of the prototypes that are being tested within the company, and in this case, we can see the Moto G6 Plus. We could already see in the leaks discussed above that this time a glass body, with a really premium finish, and a front almost without frames, betting on the new format of the extended screen that has other phones such as the LG V30 or Pixel 2.

In this case, we can see in the images, even if they are of poor quality, that they will not have the fingerprint sensor in the back, but will have it in the front part. A note to highlight is that its users have been asking the company in forums and social networks to put the fingerprint sensor exactly in the ” M” of the Motorola logo, and this year they will do it for the first time, but in other models, not in this one

Moto G6 Plus

We can not get anything clearer in these images, only confirming the same design that we have seen, with some really useful frames, and some glass edges, so the leaks that we have seen seem to be confirmed at all, although there will be waiting for the official presentation of these at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.