Nokia would be working on a mobile with five cameras


In recent weeks we have been learning that Huawei could revolutionize the camera market in mobile phones with the new P20, which would have three sensors. Now a new information suggests that Nokia would be thinking more in a big way, with the development of a mobile phone with five cameras.

Nokia mobile phones have always been characterized by having the best cameras on the market, something that at the moment is not getting the signature on his return, if we take into account the poor results of the Nokia 8 camera in its passage through DxOMark.

A mobile with five cameras? Nokia would have it in development

These rumors come directly from Foxconn, the company that has actively collaborated in the return to the Nokia mobile market, and is a preferred partner of the Finnish firm. According to these rumors, Nokia would be working on the development of a mobile that would integrate no less than five cameras. This camera would have much in common with the technology used by Nokia’s OZO, which is circular in size and has eight cameras instead of these five.


It would be an adaptation of this type of camera to integrate it into the body of a mobile phone. A mobile phone with five cameras would undoubtedly be something very surprising by Nokia, and that is precisely what they could launch later this year if we pay attention to this information coming from sources close to Foxconn. HMD Global would have already developed the design of this Penta camera integrated into the terminal, and now the ball would be on the roof of Foxconn.


Nokia OZO

This would have to find a way to produce this peculiar component for the new phone. The camera on the back of the phone would have a circular arrangement, with seven “holes” that would house the five sensors and lenses of the camera and another two for a double LED flash. No doubt we are talking about a simply groundbreaking design that would completely change our perception of photography on a mobile phone. Now, given the experience of the Nokia 8 in DxOMark, we must strongly ask the Nordic firm to work on improving the performance of its sensors, before embarking on an adventure of these. That on the other hand, we ignore the advantages it will offer to mobile photography.

Source> Phone Arena