An image of the Xiaomi Mi6X shows a design like the iPhone X


Xiaomi is quite given to launch different versions of its most prominent phones, as is the case of the Xiaomi Mi5 last year. Now the design a version of the Xiaomi Mi6 is revealed in an image of the Xiaomi Mi6X where you can appreciate a design like the iPhone X especially in your camera.

A Xiaomi that these days have had to face a curious failure related to the existing WhatsApp in the application store of the brand, which caused many users to be left without this service to be apparently obsolete.

An image of the Xiaomi Mi6X that reveals a curious design

As you know one of the great hallmarks of identity that differentiate the iPhone X from its competition in terms of design is the camera. It is dual and has a vertical arrangement, in the upper left part of the back area of the telephone. Well, now an image of the Xiaomi Mi6X shows us a design very similar to the Apple terminal, something we do not know if it will please the followers of the firm because it seems a “copy” of the Cupertino terminal.

In the image, you can see the back cover of the Xiaomi Mi6X, where you can see the holes where the sensors of the camera would be located, each one at an upper and lower end, while in between you will find the LED flash, for what provision is almost identical to the iPhone X. Now, there is a mysterious hole right in the center of this back cover, and the truth is that we do not know what it could be used for and what would stay inside it. Of course, it does not have the appearance of carrying the fingerprint reader in that place since it is obviously a very small hole for this component.

Xiaomi Mi5x

Otherwise, the rest of the design is very similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi5X, with the antennas at the top and bottom ends. On their specifications, they are expected to be similar to the Xiaomi Mi6, but with a larger screen and surely with a slightly less powerful processor. Recall that the Xiaomi Mi5X is the same phone that A1 My only makes them different software, so there is the possibility that this year we know a new Xiaomi Mi A1 that has a certain resemblance to the iPhone X.