There are two clones of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ in blue and gold


Just yesterday an image showed us all the internal components of the Samsung Galaxy S9, as well as new details about its specifications. Now new images of two clones of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ show us the terminal in different colors and demonstrating the level of these copies.

Another of the leaks seen this week have shown us new details about the camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 and its screen size, which once again could vary and be larger than that of its predecessors.

Two highly successful Samsung Galaxy S9 + clones

In practically a month we will be able to officially meet the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +, the two new Samsung flagships of which we have known almost all their secrets in the leaks known in recent months. Now several images show us in detail two clones of Samsung Galaxy S9 + that confirm its external appearance, which will also have another element that differentiates it in its exterior design. Because as you know it will be the only one of the two models that will have a dual camera, with two sensors, which will be arranged vertically as shown in the image of this clone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 + clones

Under the dual camera and integrated into the same area of black, we can see the fingerprint reader, which would be in a more natural area for most users. They had complained about its location on the Galaxy S8, having to have been moved to the back as a result of the infinite screen. As you can see both phones are gold and blue, the latter is undoubtedly the color that catches the attention of the two and makes the terminal a more casual mobile.

Undoubtedly these clones of the Samsung Galaxy S9 + betray their vocation to copy when we see the infinite screen, which in this case is not too achieved. There is more to see the upper and lower edges, which are much thicker than in the Galaxy S8, and that would be as we will see also in the new Galaxy S9. The lateral curve of the screen, which in this case is shown rounded slightly, but that is far from the original is not too achieved. No doubt two well-achieved clones, even in the interface of Samsung Experience, but to those who betray the technology that only Samsung is able to offer.