iPhone 8 EVT image leaked by Foxconn!!

It seems nowadays it’s just impossible for OEMs to hide their products and renders from the outside world. The same thing happened today. The largest smartphone manufacturer Foxconn has made the biggest leak of this year, the EVT testing picture of the iPhone.

Apple Inc. the American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino needs no introduction. There had been many rumours about the iPhone 8 just months after the launch of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus last year claiming many high-end facts. it seems iPhone 8 has been the most rumoured and worst-guarded smartphone of Apple with rumours nearly everywhere.

There is still almost a month before Apple launches its yearly flagship device in front of the world, and today we got hands-on a picture shared on a Chinese blogging site Weibo, showing nearly the full X-Ray of the device leaked from a representative at Foxconn.

iPhone 8 Leaked EVT Image
iPhone 8 Leaked EVT Image

According to the picture released, it seems that the device has gone through the EVT testing phase for checking the internals as per the 2D outline of the image.

The picture claims that Apple will ship the iPhone 8 with a vertical dual camera setup, one telephoto lens and another a normal wide angle lens, a change from the horizontal setup last year in the iPhone 7 plus. The huge “Black Patch” as seen in the middle means that this time, yes finally Apple will provide “Wireless Charging” support to its device, which the users were waiting for a long time as other OEMs like Samsung have already implemented it in their smartphones and has been a huge hit.

The battery seems “L-shaped” apparently. The device is also said to come with a no-button front though Apple has been in quite trouble in implementing this feature. The device may also come with an AMOLED display by Samsung, popularly known as SAMOLED as rumours claim that Samsung has started the OLED manufacturing process for Apple.

Since the device has just passed the EVT it seems that Apple fanboys still need to wait longer for their most awaited device to arrive. There have been no rumours about the pricing of the smartphone but we can easily declare it to be the most expensive iPhone ever launched by Apple