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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Slower Than Usual and you need a new phone

5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Slower Than Usual
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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Is Slower

Why my phone is slower? So, your phone has been running slower lately, which has you thinking you probably need to start searching for the latest device on the market. However, you don’t have to turn to a new phone just yet. There are several fixable reasons why your phone is slower than usual.

Background Refresh

Background refresh occurs when your apps continually refresh even when you are not actively using them. As such, all your apps can keep their content new and updated. However, background refresh is a hidden component that can easily gobble up your phone’s data. To manage your internet data usage and keep your phone running smoothly, you should only allow background refresh for apps you use daily.

Aging Battery

The advent of the mobile cellular device came with some downsides, one being that the batteries on these devices tend to die quickly. Often, phones don’t have internal components to cool their battery. An overworked or overheated battery can be one of the reasons why your phone is slower than usual. If you want to keep your battery life lasting longer, avoid running several apps simultaneously and don’t charge your phone past 100 percent.

Storage Filled

Sometimes it is quite easy to forget that our phones only have a limited amount of storage. Every photo we snap, the message we send, or the app we download will require a certain amount of our phone’s data. If we don’t keep track of that, we can soon find our phone running slower because there is insufficient storage. As such, try to empty your phone by moving photos to a hard drive, deleting old messages, and offloading apps you haven’t used in a while.

Too Many Websites

Many of us run to our phones to look something up several times a day, and we likely don’t close those tabs. We may not want to close those tabs out. Many of us like to use them as information keepers. The more tabs you keep open, the more it occupies your RAM, which can cause your phone to crash or freeze. As such, it is much better to bookmark tabs you wish to return to in the future rather than keep them open on your browser.

Unnoticed Damage

Even though we always have our phones beside us, we might not realize everything they go through daily. We tend to see our phones as indestructible, and while they are quite durable, they can still face considerable harm. A drop in your phone can result in unnoticed internal damage that can suddenly cause your phone to run slower. That is why you should have a durable phone holder and screen protector on at all times.

5 Warning Signs You Need a New Smartphone

5 Warning Signs You Need a New Smartphone
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Many of us rely on our smartphones to communicate with friends and family, stay up to date on news, pay bills monitor banking, and much more. Because we rely on our phones for many things in our lives, we want these devices to be in working condition. There will come a time when your current device deteriorates or starts to lag. Knowing the warning signs that you need a new smartphone can help you determine the correct time to upgrade.

Glitchy Screen or Difficult To Use

When you tap anywhere on your screen, is the device responding to this touch? Your phone might not respond at all, or it could misinterpret the action you’re trying to do. For example, when you’re typing a text, is your phone registering the correct letters, or is the screen flickering? The less responsive your device is, the more likely it is you need a new one.

The Battery Dies Quickly

Without a working phone battery, your device is unusable. Several reasons affect why your phone battery wears down over time. However, this deterioration is normal, and you can expect this from an older smartphone. Avoid the headache of a constantly drained phone battery by purchasing a new phone.

Mic/Speakers No Longer Work

Try making a phone call without a mic or speakers; you can’t! While worsening sound elements happen naturally, the more you mishandle or drop the device, the quicker this issue will appear. If you’re having problems with the speaker/mic and need to make frequent calls, listen to music, or watch videos, upgrading your smartphone is best.

The Phone Is Lagging

Lagging is the delay between a user’s actions and the phone’s response. For instance, if you click to open an app on your phone, and it takes five seconds to open, this is lagging. Experiencing this with every action you take on your phone can be frustrating. Phone lagging usually means your device is ready to retire, and you should purchase a new one.

The Phone Has Physical Damage

The ultimate warning sign that indicates you need a new smartphone is your current device has physical damage. We’re talking about cracks, chips, exposed hardware, etc. If your phone has physical damage, it likely isn’t working, or it’s on its way to imminent doom. You can live with one or two cracks in the screen, but once your phone starts to glitch from the damage, it’s time to invest in a new one.

Examine your smartphone. Are you experiencing any of these issues or warning signs? Again, we use these devices more often than we think. If you’re having problems with your phone, consider upgrading to a new one!

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