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Best must have mobile accessories gifts for the 2017 holiday season

These days, Mobile is the must have gadget for everyone whether it is a student or a household and there are many benefits to have a mobile with you in numerous conditions. To maintain your mobile phone you need to have the mobile accessories with you that you can easily carry with you while traveling or while having a long business trip. These accessories such as power banks, USB cables, and portable chargers are so beneficial when you are traveling for a business trip.

Portable power bank
Portable power bank

During the coming holiday season, Power banks are the most useful accessories and the must have accessories while having a long journey or a trip so that you can charge your device easily if your phone battery is low. But there are a number of power banks available for sale with some having lower capacity and some having a good power capacity with more charging ports so that you can charge more devices simultaneously. These power banks can be used for your high-end smartphones like Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, LG V30, HTC U11 and many other high-end as well as low-end smartphones.

There are a number of portable power solar power banks available online which you can buy for you or as a gift for your loved ones with different capacities from 5000mAh to 15000mAh. The 5000mAh power bank is available for £7 and it comes with a charging cable as well. You can charge any of your devices, whether it’s an Android device or an Apple device as it is compatible with any of these devices. Another one is available with 15000mAh capacity priced at £25 and it comes with 2 USB ports which mean you can charge two phones with these two ports. It charges your device via the Micro USB lead and the inbuilt solar panel. With a simple charger it can take up to 12 hours to charge a power bank, but with the solar panel just forget charging it for that long, and it will get charged within a few hours and your power bank will be ready again to charge up your high-end devices. These portable chargers can be carried even inside your pocket and can be used whenever necessary and you can also carry two power banks inside your pockets.

If you think that your friend or family member that is going for a long trip in this holiday season and there will be an over-cast condition in your area, then there is a another Shock Resistant Solar Power bank available online with 5,000mAh capacity and is priced at £10 which can be shipped anywhere in the UK. It comes with a Carabiner clip which you can use on to your backpack to keep it topped up while walking. It also comes with a USB to micro USB charging cable to charge your devices. All of the above power banks work even in over-cast conditions. It also comes with water resistant rubber casing which protects it from water damages and others so that you can use it anytime anywhere. It also come with an LED light and has two charging ports again to charge two phones simultaneously.

There are a number of more smart accessories available to buy online that can ease up your device charging problems. Once fully charged these power banks can charge an Apple iPhone 5s from flat 2-3 times and all are available at affordable costs. You can also buy various other useful accessories like Bluetooth, toys, kids bikes, chargers and other mobile accessories and gadgets as per your needs with Up to 50% Off + Free Delivery at Halfords website as well.


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