What Is EMC and Why Is It Important for Phones?

What Is EMC and Why Is It Important for Phones
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Do many people have questions about what Is EMC? Whether most people have heard of it or understand it, EMC is vital for our phones and daily lives. But what is EMC, and why is it important? We answer that question and more in our brief guide below.

What Is EMC?

EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility and is the interaction of electronic equipment with the electromagnetic environment and other equipment. Some people may not realize that all electronic devices can emit a small but disruptive electromagnetic field if unchecked with barriers and shields.

This electromagnetic field is due to the natural relationship between electrical flow and magnetism and isn’t the fault of malfunctioning equipment. Naturally, we can’t have all the electronic devices that make up our modern world interfering with one another, so our devices undergo EMC testing to ensure that they can function correctly.

Is EMC Different From EMI?

EMC and EMC testing are sometimes used interchangeably with electromagnetic interference (EMI), but they differ. The difference between EMC and EMI is that EMI is the actual energy that disrupts the operation of surrounding electric devices. This is typically from the electromagnetic field of another electrical device but sometimes from natural EMI.

Practically all man-made devices can cause EMI, including:

EMC and EMC testing refers to the ability of the electronic equipment to block out EMI or function under minor effects.

Why Is EMC Important for Our Phones?

Anyone who understands what EMC is would understand that EMC is important for our phones to function properly. EMC testing ensures that the vital electronic devices we depend on for communication can block EMI or withstand its effects.

Before a product, like an electronic consumer device, can be released, it must undergo rigorous EMC testing to ensure it can block EMI and understand how it responds to instances when it might see an increase in EMI. Without adequate EMC testing, an electronic device can prove unreliable. There have been many examples of phones and other devices being pulled from shelves because they didn’t undergo enough EMC testing and malfunctioned in the real world.

We hope our brief guide has helped clear up EMC, EMI, and their roles in our modern world full of electronics. If you have a phone constantly dropping calls or malfunctioning, it could be due to insufficient EMC testing and EMI.

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