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How to Buy Crypto with Google Pay or Apple Pay

The growth in the crypto world has led to many people seeking more convenient, and more secure ways to invest in digital currencies. People who regularly use and are comfortable with mobile payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay find using these payment options to buy bitcoins and other crypto see them as an appealing option.

Buy Crypto with Google Pay or Apple Pay
Buy Crypto with Google Pay or Apple Pay

Buy Crypto using Google Pay and Apple Pay

So, why is it crucial to understand how to buy crypto with Google Pay or Apple Pay? Using these options not only simplifies the purchase process for veterans of the crypto world but it also offers newbies a smoother entry into the game by opening doors for those who might otherwise have seen the crypto world as overly daunting.

This article delves into the details of purchasing Bitcoin through these two major options, giving readers a thorough insight into the exciting digital investment world.

Understanding the use of Google Pay or Apple Pay

You need to understand the basics of Google Pay and Apple Pay before we can look at how you can use them to buy crypto. The exciting news is that users can link their debit and credit cards to their smartphones and purchase just about anything securely using these options whether by using a fingerprint scan or just by tapping.

Google Pay or Apple Pay Crypto Buying Steps

Below are the steps you need to follow to buy crypto with Google Pay or Apple Pay:

Configure your mobile wallet

First, ensure your smartphone has installed the Google Pay or Apple Pay application. Once you install the app, launch it and follow the on-screen steps to configure your mobile wallet. This entails entering your card information which will be securely saved on your device.

Select a crypto exchange

Having set up your mobile wallet, the next step is to choose a trustworthy and reliable Bitcoin exchange, such as NakitCoins. You must confirm that the exchange supports Google Pay or Apple Pay payment options, and supports the cryptocurrencies you wish to trade in. Also, do your homework to ensure the exchange has robust security features, charges reasonable fees, and is user-friendly.

Register and verify your account

When you have chosen an exchange, you then need to register and validate your account. Most exchanges require users to register and verify their accounts before they can transact on them. Typically, creating and verifying an account involves providing your email address, setting a robust password, and providing some identification documents to validate your identity.

Link your mobile wallet to the exchange

After your account is validated, you need to link your mobile wallet to the crypto exchange. To do so, navigate to the exchange’s setting or payment options, select Google Pay or Apple Pay, and follow the prompts to add your wallet. For security reasons, some platforms may require users to undergo an extra level of security verification.

Fund wallet, start purchases

Before purchasing crypto, ensure your Google Pay or Apple Pay account has sufficient funds. Funding your wallet is pretty simple as you can do bank transfers or link your debit or credit cards. But to safely top your account, follow the payment platform’s instructions.

With your mobile wallet funded, you can buy your chosen crypto assets. To buy, move to the exchange’s “Trade” or “Buy” section and choose the coin you want to buy. After that, input the amount you want to buy and pick Apple Pay or Google Pay as your payment option.

Confirm your transaction and store your coins safely

You must check the details of the transactions and ensure everything is correct before you click “Buy” or “Confirm”. The transaction may take a short period to be completed and the duration depends on the cryptocurrency’s network and the exchange.

You will get the coins credited to your exchange account soon after the transaction is completed. But for security purposes, consider transferring the coins to a private and more secure wallet. Also, be aware that for even better security, offline or hardware wallets are better.

If you’ve followed the above discussion, you now know how to buy crypto with Google Pay or Apple Pay, and as you can see, it does not have to be a complicated process. You only need to be cautious as you choose the exchange and keep your assets safe after buying.

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