Android O launch Date and Features round up


After a year of Android 7.0 launch i.e last year in the month of September, the California based company Google is all set to launch the next version of Android ie Android 8.0 on 21st August. Although no name has been released yet, but rumors say that O stands for “Oreo” and the name will be Android Oreo considering Google’s naming in alphabetical order and based on desserts. Apart from this news. we are also expecting the launch of the next flagship device by Google, The Pixel 2.

Android O Logo
Android O Logo

Talking about the features of Android O we ┬áhave already seen a huge lot of features released in the 4 Developer Previews launched in the last few months. There hasn’t been much change in the general UI except some. Among those some the main top features will be shown here and will be experienced by all devices with Android O regardless OEM

1.Faster Boot Times

While speedy boot times are usually associated with a upgrade in hardware. But Google said that Android O will bring those benefits to all phones that run the software.
And it’s not just the operating system that becomes faster to load up, but the apps will also start running faster, too.

2. Notification handling changes

Since Android N Google has started to improve handling of notifications, starting from the Blundled Notifications in Android N and now they are moving to help developers grant even greater power to users to toggle settings that usually require digging through menu after menu.

3. Adaptive Icons

Google has this time introduced stricter guidelines for developers to create a uniform visual experience for all users by introducing adaptive icons for all apps with animations based on user interaction.

New Circular Emoji Android O
New Circular Emoji Android O

4. New Emoji

Google has this time moved away from the Bloop emoji present in Nougat to a more circular emoji set with lot more new emojis added to the collection.

5. Restricted Background app activities

Google has taken stricter measures to improve battery life drastically from what we got on Nougat. With restricted background activities system ui kills the app when not in use for a long time , stopping the app from consuming battery stealthily.


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