Android P could be called as Android 9 Pineapple Cake, Google I/O 2018 scheduled for May 8th

Every year we have a new version of Android, and if there are two traditions in Android, they are to call each version with the name of a dessert, and that the name starts with the next letter in the alphabet to the first letter of the previous version. As you can imagine, after the “O” of Android Oreo, comes the letter “P”, until there we all arrived. However, Google could have unveiled the name of the new version of Android in its new Google I / O game in the form of Street View that we have already told you something little.

Google Android pineapple cake
Google Android pineapple cake

Google has decided to launch a game in the form of escape room in which we will have to solve riddles to move to the next office of the company, and thus unveil a final secret. However, the most relevant could be in the second office, and after passing the first test, where we are confirmed that the Google I/O 2018 will be held on May 8th, in the US city of Iwata, Google leaves us a very interesting gift, in the form of dessert, by course, at the meeting table.


Indeed, it is a pineapple cake, or what is the same, but in English, Pineapple Cake. And this, precisely, is the name that could receive Android 9.0, version that we would see presented in this Google I / O 2018, but that, as it has happened this year, and during all the previous ones, it would not be released until a few months later , and mortals that we do not have a Pixel, we would not see it until half a year after this Google I/O 2018 – or even more.

Google Android pineapple cake IO 2018
Google Android pineapple cake IO 2018

The Google I/O 2018 will take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California from May 8-10 where we can see the new Android Pineapple cake in the action and will be available for Pixel phones with its launch. What are you thoughts? Do you think that Android P would be launched as Android Pineapple Cake or Android Pineapple? Please let us know via comments below.

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