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Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus listed by AnTuTu with 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 660

It seems that today we start strong with leaks. Samsung’s next Galaxy C series flagship Galaxy C10 Plus has been almost completely leaked in AnTuTu, revealing a large part of its specifications and features. It seems that Samsung wants to go back to eating the terrain of the mid-range, and the C10 Plus points ways, but let’s not get ahead.

Galaxy C10 Plus AnTuTu

Before starting with the specifications, we must clarify that it is quite likely that the Samsung Galaxy C10 or C10 Plus will only launch for the Chinese market as Samsung did with the Galaxy C7 (2017). With this in front, let’s see what we can expect from the Galaxy C10 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus is listed by AnTuTu with model number SM-C9150 and let’s now check out its specifications.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus

Galaxy C10 Plus Specs

As we can see in the screenshot of AnTuTu, the Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus would have 6GB of RAM, Adreno 520 GPU and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, which in conjunction would run Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Also, according to AnTuTu, the Galaxy C10 Plus would have an internal storage chip of 64 GB and a screen of unknown size but whose resolution amounts to FullHD (1,080 x 1,920 pixels), indicating that it will not have an 18: 9 aspect ratio.

This is what we squeaked a bit since we would be surprised that Samsung launched a device, even if it is mid-range, with an aspect ratio that does not conform to the trends (not to mention Android Nougat). Therefore, we will take the filtration with tweezers and treat it with care. What is certain that we would like to see would be a terminal of this range with a double camera.

Recall that the other day Samsung announced that it had developed the necessary technology to bring the double lens to the mid-range, so it would not be unusual for this model to be configured as a pioneer. We will have to wait for new rumours to emerge, but we will be aware.