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6 Careers Perfect for Tech Lovers

If you’re a true lover of technology, then you surely want to spend as much time as you can tinkering with different gadgets, tools, and pieces of software. If that is, in fact, the case for you, then why not turn your passion into a profession by landing yourself a job in the technology sector? No matter what specific pieces of equipment you like to work with, you can be sure that there is a career pathway out there that is suited perfectly to you.


Careers for tech lovers
tech lovers

To find 6 careers that are perfect for tech lovers, be sure to read on.

Computer Systems Analytics

A computer systems analyst is somebody who studies the backend of technological gadgets and processes to unearth faults about them. With the information that they uncover, fixes and upgrades can then be made, resulting in far better computer tech being produced going forward for the masses to consume.

If you’re highly analytical, incredibly studious, and capable of analyzing a lot of data, you should consider embarking on this career pathway. Be warned, however, that you aren’t going to be able to enter into this field without obtaining several degrees beforehand. First, you need a bachelor’s degree in IT, and once that course is all wrapped up you then enroll for a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics.

This course will see you learn advanced statistical methods, the likes of which will allow you to solve real-world problems once you enter into your chosen industry. To ensure that taking this course doesn’t interrupt you in your bid to grow in a professional sense, you should consider taking Michigan Tech’s MS in Statistics online. This will give you free rein to study where you like when you like.

Technical Support

If you are somewhat of an encyclopedia when it comes to technology, then you might very well be suited to the field of technical support. The job title that you pick up in this field could be anything from ‘help desk technician’ to ‘problem manager’ — regardless of your title, your role as a technical supporter would be to provide your customers or coworkers with expert industry knowledge. You would be tasked with devising foolproof plans that will help them to get the most out of their tech devices.

As you will find yourself working alongside people who aren’t as technologically savvy as yourself, to be successful in the field of technical support, you’re going to need to hone effective communication skills. You need to be able to talk to others clearly and coherently. More importantly, you need to remain patient with others when they just don’t understand what you are telling them.


Programmers are the brains behind the operation — without them, there is no technology. If you think you’re up to the task of bringing gadgets and tools to life with nothing but your bare hands and tech know-how, you should consider entering into this trade.

As a programmer, it would be your job to write code and test various technological functions, your end goal being to create both hardware and software. To ensure that you’re up to this task, you’re going to need to hone the following all-important skills:

Web Development

Would you much prefer your work to be visible for all to see? If so, then you might be better suited to the field of web development. When you enter this field, you will be made responsible for building websites as well as the infrastructure that holds them up. To thrive in this industry, then, you’re going to need to be both creative and technical.

You could land yourself all sorts of roles should you enter into the field of web development. Some of these roles include:

  • Web producer
  • Multimedia architect
  • Internet engineer

IT Security

IT security is a field that is very much on the rise in popularity and job prospects, simply because more and more cybercriminals are crawling out of the woodwork every day. The more online criminals there are, the more calls there are for experts who know how to tackle them and fend them off.

If you wish to become an IT security guard, you’re going to need to garner a thorough understanding of today’s top security software. You will also need to learn how to spot malicious digital attacks (even those that are cleverly hidden), scan for abnormalities, and upgrade security systems.

As you will be working closely with the organizations that hire you to protect them against cybercrime, you’re going to need to become an effective communicator if you’re to succeed in this field. By cultivating this skill, you will find it much easier to keep your employers abreast of all the latest dangers that they face. Another skill you’re going to want to learn to succeed in IT security is crisis management — at any given moment, the company that you work for could come under attack, and you have to know how to deal with the problem there and then before it is afforded the chance to worsen.

Network Engineer

Network engineers have a lot on their plate, that’s for certain. On any given working day, they could be tasked with setting up networks (of both the local and wide varieties), securing an organization’s data, storing essential customer details, and performing disaster recovery. It’s no wonder, then, that workers in this specific field are required to go through years of education… and it’s no wonder they’re paid so handsomely for the work that they do, either.

As a lover of all things tech, you should seriously consider embarking on one of the career pathways listed above. If you do, you’ll be able to fiddle with gadgets all day long, and get paid to do so!

Depending on your specific skills and traits, some of these tech roles will be better suited to you than others. No matter which job you end up landing, however, you’ll be sure to get great satisfaction out of what it is you do.

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