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Learn to Code on Your Android Phone

Learning how to code and master a programming language is easy these days. You have plenty of short courses to take, a lot of comprehensive programs to choose from, and a wealth of websites and resource centers to visit. You even have video tutorials and interactive tools to help you get to know the different programming languages available.

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There are also specific tutorials with codes you can use right away. If you’re trying to use ExtJS to call a server, for instance, simply find an Ext Direct tutorial and you are all set. Want to learn how to code on your phone? That’s easy too with the apps we are going to review in this article.

Learn how to code

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a big archive of hundreds of topics, but there are a lot of tutorials and resources on coding and different programming languages. What’s great about the materials on the Khan Academy app for Android is the fact that they are all free. Yes, you can follow short courses and comprehensive tutorials without spending a dime.

The Khan Academy app lets you learn the basics of coding to advanced tips and tricks. It comes with training exercises, so you can always test your understanding at the end of every learning session. Aside from major programming languages, there are also tutorials on animation and design, both of which are handy skills to have if you want to design an app that looks great.


Udacity for Android is very similar to Khan Academy. It is an app filled with tutorials and lessons on coding and programming. It is one of the most comprehensive when it comes to learning how to code since the app focuses on coding as a whole.

Lessons are grouped into courses and you can choose which ones to take based on your interest and personal preferences. While there are a lot of free courses available, the best ones are available as premium courses.

The premium courses are affordable though, so you don’t have to worry too much about paying to learn specific programming languages like Swift or Java. Courses are instructed by experts who are already working for tech giants like Google and Facebook too.


SoloLearn can be seen as an app store for learn-how-to-code apps. The app itself is a catalogue of coding lessons and programming languages that you can learn. When you access a particular programming language, you are taken to a whole new session with detailed lessons and a very structured set of courses.

SoloLearn is probably the most comprehensive way to learn how to code on your Android phone. You can learn anything from HTML and CSS to Python and C++. Each topic or programming language has a completion tracker that lets you know how far into the lessons you are at any point. You can spend hours on this app and learn so much.

Which learning app is the best? The three we reviewed in this article are all great for those who want to learn how to code. It is just a matter of choosing one that suits your learning style best.