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5 Fun and Creative Things You Can Do on a Tablet

5 Fun and Creative Things You Can Do on a Tablet
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Tablets are versatile devices that are useful in various ways. Whether you want to increase productivity, stay entertained, or explore new creative outlets, countless options are available to help you get the most out of your device.

Fun and creative things to do on a tablet

Let’s briefly touch on the five most fun and creative things you can do on a tablet.

Create Digital Art

Being able to express yourself through art is one of the most therapeutic things people turn to when they need an escape. You no longer need a souped-up PC to create one-of-a-kind art because you can do most of it on a tablet.

With a stylus, you can sketch, paint, and draw directly on the screen. There are countless apps available for this purpose, too. Procreate and Sketchbook are two particularly popular choices that aspiring artists enjoy.

Edit Videos

Making art doesn’t always revolve around painting or drawing a pretty picture. A lot of people enjoy making videos as an outlet to express themselves.

Many video editing apps, such as Adobe Premiere Rush and iMovie, are available on tablets. These apps can help you create professional-looking videos, even as a beginner. Whether you want to make a YouTube vlog or a short cinematic film, your tablet has all the tools you need to give it a go.

The only frustration could come from the malfunctions you encounter along the way. Knowing how to troubleshoot certain iPad and tablet problems can make video editing a breeze.

Play Games

Back then, people could only play video games with a clunky 8-bit system with joysticks as a controller. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined playing a lifelike game on so many platforms, even ones that didn’t exist back then.

Tablets are a great way to play games since they have a larger screen size than your phone. Many of the biggest brands have mobile games that work well on tablets. Alternatively, you could try downloading some classic games of years past or explore games made by indie creators that you would never have known about.

Record Music

Gone are the days of recording music in a multi-million-dollar facility. Now, you can get your Trent Reznor on and create music with a tablet. Many music recording apps are available, ranging from simple ones like Garageband to more complex software, such as FL Studio Mobile. But regardless of what you choose, it will likely sound better than a 1980s recording from some studio.

Write a Novel

Finally, if you’re a writer, your tablet could be an incredible tool for churning out your next novel. Writing apps like Scrivener and Ulysses are available on tablets and offer a range of features designed to make the writing process more creative and efficient. You can use these apps to jot down ideas, organize chapters, and even set your goals.

Embarking on these five fun and creative things you can do on a tablet lets your creative juices flow. We’ve highlighted a few examples here, but the possibilities are endless. So why not try out some of these ideas today and see what you can create? You might just be surprised by what you can achieve!

Bonus: Use as a second monitor

You can use the tablet as a second monitor by attaching it your computer and use both for your work-related tasks. It is very easy to connect the tablet to your work computer. All you need is the required USB cable to connect with the laptop or the computer. Different tablets brands have their own settings. When connecting the tablet with PC, if tablet requires any drivers installation, please proceed with that. Once connected successfully, you will get the notification on the tablet and proceed with the steps to connect it to the computer.

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