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Lenovo has finally accepted the Stock Android UI!!

After the acquisition of Motorola from Google, the Chinese tech giant Lenovo was in a huge turmoil about which brand to keep and which brand to delete from its portfolio. There were even times when people started to speculate that Motorola is no more and Lenovo has killed Motorola brand. Few days ago during the launch of the flagship Moto Z2 lineup Lenovo brought back the “Motorola” brand name after huge request by the users.


But wait!!! this ain’t the story we are covering but this information is necessary for this news. There were times when news came up Lenovo is stopping to ship Motorola smartphones with stock android, instead with a heavily bloated ZUI from Zuk. But Lenovo clarified this by saying that all will remain as it is and they will continue their “Dual Brand” strategy in India keeping both Lenovo and Motorola brand.

K8 Note teaser
K8 Note teaser

Previously Lenovo used to ship their devices with Vibe UI, a heavily skinned version of android shipped with huge bloatware which turned down the user experience , making it a cause for users to flee from Lenovo devices, where as Motorola used to ship with Pure stock android UI which is fast , stable and also very user friendly and also with fast updates, causing consumers to move towards Motorola. Seeing this last year Lenovo came up with a skimmed version of Vibe UI i.e. the Pure UI which was nearly close to stock and lesser bloatware than Vibe UI. The K6 series and the P2 was shipped with this UI and users liked it ,due to its better performance and less bloatware, over the Vibe UI. Lenovo understood that users preffer simple Stock Android UI. As a result this time Lenovo has made a complete switch to Stock Vanilla Android experience based on the Latest Android 7.1.1 , from the Vibe UI and has decided to ship it with their K8 Note which is to be unveiled on the 9th of August.

What this means to the consumers???

This means a lot to all the future customers of Lenovo. This will guarantee not only faster and stable device , also nearly no bloatwares with a clean user experience. Not only that this will also help in faster updates and long term update support with better secured OS, which has always been the Achilles Heel for the company. But Lenovo will continue to bundle Dolby Atmos and their in-house TheatreMax technology which improves multimedia experience by a huge extent.

Lenovo has also confirmed guaranteed Android O support for all the “K-Series ” smartphones to be launched this year which is always a welcome move.


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