Oppo announces a new Find 9 fast charge: 100% in 15 minutes


The Oppo’s Find family was left unattended several years ago. Although this 2018 the Chinese brand will recover it with the new Oppo Find 9, a smartphone with Super Vooc technology that allows you to recharge the entire battery of the terminal to 100% in only 15 minutes of time.

Since it came into operation, the Quick Charge technology of fast charging has made our lives happy and solved the odd hurry, since its higher recharge speed means that in just 15 minutes we have enough energy to use the phone for a few more hours. But still, if one wants to charge 100% you need to leave it plugged in for at least 50-60 minutes on average. According to the Chinese media reports, the Chinese manufacturer Oppo, the 4th largest company in the world in the mobile sector, wanted to fix that problem with its Super VOOC technology.


Super Vooc fast loading technology

Presented at the beginning of 2016, practically two years ago, Oppo showed a fast charging system that destroys any record obtained by the Quick Charge technology, since the Super VOOC Flash Charge allows recharging a battery of 2,500 mAh at 100% in only 15 minutes, getting in just 5 minutes we have a 45% battery, which easily gives us to end the day. How do you get it? Through a system of impulses of a load of low tension. Oppo uses 5 volts, one of the differences compared to other solutions that “blow” up to 19 volts.

The use of this intensity favors not only the safety but also avoids overheating and increases the life of the battery. It is also not necessary to perform current transformations, so the process is more efficient and not so much energy is wasted in the form of heat. This same technology, which anyone would like to have on their smartphone, is the same as the company has announced will mount its next high range for this year just started, the Oppo Find 9.

New Find 9 2018

Parked in 2014, Oppo recovers the Find family to launch its flagship this year, an Oppo Find 9 that will, of course, mount the Super Vooc technology. Although the best thing is that the company claims that it has improved this technology, so the results are better and even the load time could be reduced, which would be spectacular and would place this Find 9 and all the subsequent Oppo terminals that they ride like the fastest moving phones in the market.


The current VOOC charging system mounted by the Oppo terminals allows a 75% recharge in 30 minutes. And although the Oppo Find 9 (2018) does not know anything else apart that will include the technology Super Vooc, in November it left a data a source of the Chinese mobile industry that pointed to the new Xiaomi and Oppo for 2018, which will mount a Facial scanning technology very similar to the Face ID that Apple has implemented on its iPhone X.