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How to Get a New SIM Only Contract

What is a SIM Only Contract?

A SIM only contract usually means purchasing just your mobile contract deal and does not include your mobile phone handset. This means you can typically find a much cheaper deal and greater flexibility as you can look across all networks and purchase your handset separately or keep your existing phone if you choose.

SIM Only Contract
SIM Only Contract

What Types of Contracts Are Available?

There are so many SIM-only contracts available to choose from, so it is now easier than ever to find a deal that fits with your requirements. Comparison sites such as offer a quick and simple way to search online and compare different contracts side by side. So whether you are looking for a certain amount of data each month or a bundle allowance of texts and minutes, there is a wide variety to choose from. If you are currently on a monthly contract, it may also be possible to go onto just a SIM contract, so make sure to check with your current provider first if you are already happy with their service.

What Criteria Do I Need to Meet to Start a Contract?

With a contract only deal, as it is so much more cost-effective, there are basically no restrictions. All you need to do is find a deal that suits you, purchase the SIM card and install it in your mobile phone. Once again, sites like give you the opportunity to connect directly with the provider and purchase the SIM from them online, making it even faster than ever to change your deal.

Can I Still get Perks and Upgrades?


Depending on your provider, it is still possible to enjoy perks and upgrades with just a SIM, as well as with a more traditional mobile phone contract. Most SIM deals will be part of what is known as a rolling contract, so your allowance rolls over each month until you decide to cancel it. Companies are still keen to keep you invested and retain your business, so the longer you have been with a provider, the more likely they are to offer you tempting benefits to stay with their network.

Also, with just a SIM, you can upgrade your mobile phone handset at any time without having to wait for a certain amount of time to pass before your contract upgrade is due. This allows for greater flexibility with handset choice and means you can sell your old handset online too for some added extra cash, which is a great bonus.

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