How You Can Recycle Your Old Electronics

How You Can Recycle Your Old Electronics
Old used mobile phones on wooden floors, E-waste is a problem with environmental concepts that should be reused and recycled

Question: How to recycle your old electronics? When you no longer use electronics, you can’t throw these items away in the trash. Instead, you must recycle them. These gadgets could contain hazardous substances like heavy metals and chemical retardants, which could pollute the earth and become harmful to animals and humans. Fortunately, a few recycling options exist. We’ll explore them here so that you can choose the right way to recycle your old electronics.

Take It to an Electronic Manufacturer or Retailer

Various tech manufacturers or retailers have programs available where you can bring in old devices for recycling. Depending on what it is you’re getting rid of, this recycling option may or may not be the best option. Disposing of old cell phones is quite different from getting rid of a used microwave, so keep that in mind before heading to the store. Not every company will have the same stipulations, so visit their websites for more information before you bring the electronics in.

For example, Best Buy will allow every household to bring three products daily to their local stores. Again, your store may accept one electronic over another, but here are a few items Best Buy allows you to recycle: appliances, computers and tablets, ink and toner, and video games.

Go to a Recycler

Within your local community, non-profit organizations may offer a recycling drop-off, and you can bring your things to it. In smaller communities, they might have a specific day or two where you can drop off these items. Save your gadgets until those times. If this is how you plan to recycle your old electronics, we recommend contacting these locations to ensure they will take the electronics you have before immediately driving there.

Donate or Sell the Items

If your device is still in working condition, consider donating it to someone in need, an organization, or selling it to a refurbishing company. If you choose to donate the item, you could receive a deduction on the year’s taxes, but you’ll need a receipt to prove your action.

If you have an abundance of old electronics lying around the house, now is the time to start thinking of ways you can recycle them. Don’t throw them in the trash. Use our above suggestions to dispose of the items safely. If some gadgets are still working, consider bringing them to an organization or someone in need.

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